Becoming a Private Investigator

How to get started.

The State of Vermont requires that all private investigators work under an already licensed and experienced investigator for a minimum of 2 years before anyone can take the written test to obtain their own license. The only exception to this is if you are or have been Police Officer for a minimum of 2 years, then you can immediately take the State of Vermont Private Investigators Licensing exam. You can obtain more information by calling the VT Secretary of State’s office at 802-828-2363


Do I need to have a background in law enforcement?

No, you do not need to have been in law enforcement. There is no need to have any particular type of background, being a PI involves many different types of work that one can perform. PI’s can specialize in Surveillance, Criminal Defense, Process Service, (serving court papers) Computer Based Investigations, Witness Locating, Criminal and motor vehicle records checks, Fraud, Due Diligence, Skip Tracing, (finding someone who is avoiding a debt) Missing Persons, and many many more types of cases. Therefore its important to be diverse in what you may want to do as a PI, but having a particular background in one certain thing is not necessary. About the necessary piece of background you may need is common sense.


I don't have a business -- do I need one?

Only after you have received your own license is it necessary to start your own business. Until then you will be working under someone else. To start your own business, you would have to contact the Office of the Vermont Secretary of State at 802-828-2386. When you call them, you can ask them about all the necessary aspects of starting a business in Vermont.


Where Can I Obtain More Information?

A great way to start would be to contact one of our members from our members database and talk to a PI. Ask them what you may need to do to become a PI and if they are hiring.
You can also attend a meeting that VAISS is holding. You can locate the next meeting by clicking on the “meetings” tab on the home page. You can also contact one of our officers from the “officers” tab and ask them questions.




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